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When you call our centers you will be greeted by one of our qualified volunteers who will listen to your concerns.† Our volunteer advocates are here because they want to be here - for you!† Depending on your circumstances we will suggest some service options.† We offer these services free of charge in our four locations (see our locations to the left).† All of your interactions with us are kept in strict confidence and delivered with respect and love.†

Through our Pregnancy Counseling services, we help you to identify the things in your life that stand in the way of where you want to be in your life.

We offer Pregnancy Tests to help affirm your situation.

Our new Ultrasound Service allows you to hear the baby's heartbeat, confirm that your pregancy is in the right place and determines the age of your baby

Our Pre-Natal classes by volunteer registered nurses address the issues of fetal development, nutrition, safety and more to answer the questions you might have about what is going on with your body and well as your babyís.

If one of your objectives is completing your high school diploma, we offer Tutoring by certified teachers/business people to help you to reach your educational goals.

Our care for you continues after the birth of your baby through our Parenting classes.† We cover things like budgeting, setting limits and other related parenting topics.† We help you to be the parent you want to be.

You might be hurting from your abortion.† For this reason we offer Post-Abortive Support.† Our advocates are trained to be non-judgmental and compassionate. You can share your grief and know that you are loved.

Our Chastity Counseling services will help you to learn to value yourself and your role in a loving relationship.† Chastity is about knowing and respecting our roles as woman and men.† The more you know about these roles and work toward the ideal, the better your relationships will become.† You and your baby deserve the best.

Do you need anything for the baby?† Itís probably here in the Baby Store.† Every time you walk through the door at A Babyís Breath, you earn credits that can be used for your babyís needs, as well as a tangible sign of your work on your future with your baby.

Our Adoption Services for Birth Mother are offered at no charge.† We help the birth mother with all of the decisions/steps necessary to complete an adoption.† We are your advocates through the entire process.

Loving Our Life (LOL) is a dating support group for single women ages 18-35. Each month single women will gather in a safe, nonjudgmental, compassionate environment to participate in free activities (i.e. Self defense, giving back projects, etc) followed by a causal talk where single women are free to share their dating stories or just listen. It is our hope that LOL will make women aware that they are not alone, help restore their dignity and give them greater self respect so that they make better choices in the dating world. For information contact rsvpatlol@gmail.com

In addition to the free services listed above, we offer Natural Family Planning classes - please call 484 571-5540 for more details.